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Changelog for Lime Bootstrap 2


Lime Bootstrap is a major rewrite of most of Lime Bootstrap. We have moved to a reliable build and packaging and improved tooling. Foundation for new exciting features has been set, such as moving to components and new datasources for the REST-api.


  • Dependencies are managed with npm
  • ES6 is used and transpiled with Babel
  • Bundling is moved from Gulp to
  • Tests are added with Jest
  • Base views are no longer dynamically loaded
  • Docs and website have been modernized
  • Old debug view is removed and replace with good old Firebug Lite. The chromium debugger will be final replacement.
  • Version checking of apps and framework is removed, versioning through limeplug is the replacement
  • Better support for being used inside Chromium
  • Moved most dependencies to latest version, exceptions are Bootstrap and Font Awesome
  • LBS can be run fully decoupled from VBA

New functionality

Breaking changes

  • xml2json has been replaced and functions a tiny bit differently. It just takes a string representing a XML-object as its sole parameter
  • loadDataSource has been changed to return the result instead of merging of the supplied model, i.e data = loadDataSource(...). Old way still works, but is strongly discouraged.