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Component for adding a hero (banner like header) for an actionpad.

The LBS Hero


Param Explanation Example value Default value
color One of LBS standard colors 'lime-green' 'turquoise'
header Header text for the hero 'Lime Technologies' ''
img Name of the header image 'fa-calendar'
menuItems Array with objects defining a context menu. See below []

Context menu

The context menu is automatically added to the lbs-hero component if the array menuItems is supplied and has more than 0 elements. Each element in the array has the following options:

Param Explanation Example value Default value
label Text shown in the list item 'Postpone' ''
icon Optional icon to the left of the text 'fa-user' ''
click Javascript function to run on click () => { alert('Hi') } null
vba VBA sub to run on click. Can be combined with click. 'Module.Sub' null
type item or divider 'item' 'item'


All other parameters will be disregarded if type is set to divider.


You need to supply the image to the dist/resource/ folder if the name of the image is anything else than dist/resource/classname.png.


<lbs-hero params="header:, menuItems: [{ label: 'My hero item', icon: 'fa-bowling-ball' }]">
    <lbs-list-item params="text: company.visitingcity, icon: 'fa-map-marker'" data-bind="openMap: company.fullvisitingaddress"></lbs-list-item>
    <lbs-list-item params="text:, call:, icon: 'fa-phone'" data-bind="call:"></lbs-list-item>
    <lbs-list-item params="text: company.www, openURL: company.www, icon: 'fa-globe'" data-bind="openURL: company.www"></lbs-list-item>