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Install & Update


Lime Bootstrap is only meant to be used inside Lime Crm, but for debugging reasons all functionality should work in any browser.

  • Internet Explorer 11
  • Chrome 59+

Older versions of IE won't work!

  • Lime 10.12 or greater


Lime Bootstrap is included in the Lime Core database and nothing is needs to be done in this case. If installing Lime Bootstrap from scratch:

  1. Copy all the folders, lbs.html and _config.js to the Actionpad-folder
  2. Add the VBA module lbshelper found in vba-folder.
  3. Change the URL of all Actionpads in Lime CRM to lbs.html

If you'll like the some basic ActionPad views to start with you can find some here


Please note that Windows sometimes blocks dowloaded javascript files. Make sure to right click and unblock javascript files


Updating Lime Bootstrap is done by downloading the lastest version and replacing some files and updating some VBA.

  1. Replace the system folder and lbs.html
  2. Replace the VBA module


If you are upgrading from LBS 1.3 or older you also need to replace and upgrade _config.js