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Component for showing messages

The LBS Alert

Param Explanation Example value Default value
text Text to be displayed 'Call this customer!' ''
icon Optional Font Awesome icon 'fa-exclamation-triangle' null
alertType Type of alert 'warning' 'info'

List of alert types and their corresponding colors: warning: yellow info: blue danger: red success: green


See Font Awesome 4 docs for available icons

Child elements

If you want to add custom content to your alert, you can add this as child elements to the component.


<lbs-alert params="text: 'This customer is satisfied', alertType: 'success'"></lbs-alert>


<lbs-alert params="alertType: 'danger'">
    <lbs-icon params="icon: 'fa-exclamation'"></lbs-icon>
    <span>Customer is maaad!</span>